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Our Vision

Nuriş Elektrik ve Kaynak Makinaları Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. is a welding machine design and manufacturing company that operates in order to compete in the welding machinery sector by following the national and international market opportunities in the rapidly developing competitive conditions and evaluating the advantages that these opportunities can offer.

Our Mission

Nuriş A.Ş. targets high quality, advanced technology and reasonable price in welding machine production.

Nuriş A.Ş. their activities; Based on a planned and targeted understanding of work, on the basis of professional division of labor, team work.

Nuriş A.Ş. It has adopted the cooperation with the international organizations in the sector in which it operates, in production and design as the main objective. In order to improve the quality and quantity of welding machines production and design, it aims to evaluate the opportunities that international markets will bring to the country and Nuriş A.Ş.

Nuriş A.Ş. it sees its success in the protection, development and loyal customers of corporate traditions, business training, image from its deep-rooted past.

The most valuable asset of Nuriş A.Ş. is its employees. He believes that high quality and superior design will be provided with satisfied employees.

Nuriş A.Ş. measures its ultimate success with an increase in equity and market share expansion. For this purpose, • Using the advantages of the geographical location of Turkey, Turkey international is in close relations "interland" is also directed to find new markets.

It aims to continuously improve its working style, creativity in design and technology (using internal and external accessible knowledge) and thus to be the best in the market it caters to. In line with this goal, turning to resource automation applications and job-specific machine production in the medium term is the main market strategy.

It aims to evaluate equities, create cash and continually improve them.

Considering the fact that resources are limited in production, it aims to systematically improve the savings habits that already exist in its corporate traditions.

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