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MIG / MAG 350 NC

  • MIG/MAG 350 NC and MIG/MAG 350 A-RWS is a professional, easy-to-use, compact, reliable, robust, economical and semi-automatic MIG/MAG welding machine with excellent welding characteristics, offering the ability to weld all solid and cored wire types.
  • Detachable wire feed system offers versatile solutions in the mig welding. (Applies to model MIG350 A)
  • Precise voltage adjustment with 3 coarse, 10 fine, a total of 30 steps
  • 2/4 cycle trigger modes
  • Overheat protection and warning gauge
  • Powerful transformer, high efficiency welding power
  • Ability to weld with all kinds of solid and cored welding wire
  • Ability to gas feeding without wire feed
  • Ability to wire feeding without gas feed.
  • Wire speed soft start setting
  • Adjustable burn-back.
  • 4-roller wire feeding system provides better feeding in long torches and the capability of welding soft wires such as aluminum and core without deforming them. (Applies to MIG350 A model)
  • High-tech microprocessor-controlled wire feeding system
  • Digital voltmeter and ammeter
  • Function to memorize the last performed operation (Current, voltage, welding parameters)

MIG/MAG 350 NC and MIG/MAG 350 A-RWS are professional, easy-to-use, compact, reliable, robust, economical and semi-automatic metal inert gas welding machines used on site for welding thin and medium thickness steel, aluminum and stainless metals with cored and ordinary wires.

Parameter Unit MIG/MAG 350 NC
System Voltage V AC 380 V, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Input Power KVA 9,2
Input Current A 11
Current Adjustment Range A 48-300
Open Circuit Voltage V 32
Voltage Adjustment Range V 18-32
Operating Regimes (40 °C) %60 235 A
Operating Regimes (40 °C) %100 200 A
Protection Class   IP23S
Type Of Current A DC
Current Setting A 3x10 stages
Welding Wire Diameter mm 0,80-1,00-1,20
Wire Draining Speed Field m/min 2-20
Machines Dimensions mm W:505 x H:863 x D:820
Weight kg 103
Parameter Unit MIG/MAG 350 NC
Torch m 3
Welding Cable With Electrode Holder m 3
Gas Regulator ad 1
CO2 Heater (Optional) ad 1
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