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  • MIG/MAG 350 NC and MIG/MAG 350 A-RWS is a professional, easy-to-use, compact, reliable, robust, economical and semi-automatic MIG/MAG welding machine with excellent welding characteristics, offering the ability to weld all solid and cored wire types.
  • Detachable wire feed system offers versatile solutions in the mig welding.
  • MIG / MAG 430 RWS are available in air cooled and water cooled versions
  • Precise voltage adjustment with 3 coarse, 10 fine, a total of 30 steps
  • 2/4 cycle trigger modes
  • Overheat protection and warning gauge
  • Powerful transformer, high efficiency welding power
  • Ability to weld with all kinds of solid and cored welding wire
  • Ability to gas feeding without wire feed
  • Ability to wire feeding without gas feed
  • Wire speed soft start setting
  • 4-roller wire feeding system provides better feeding in long torches and the capability of welding soft wires such as aluminum and core without deforming them.
  • High-tech microprocessor-controlled wire feeding system
  • Digital voltmeter and ammeter
  • Function to memorize the last performed operation (Current, voltage, welding parameters)

MIG/MAG 430 A-RWS, MIG/MAG 430 W-RWS are professional, easy-to-use, compact, reliable, robust, economical and semi-automatic metal inert gas welding machines used on site for welding thin and medium thickness steel, aluminum and stainless metals with cored and ordinary wires.

With detachable wire feed units the machines offer versatile solutions in metal inert gas welding. MIG / MAG 430 RWS has air cooled and water cooled options.

Parameter Unit MIG/MAG 430 A-RWS
System Voltage V AC

380 V, 3 Faz, 50/60 Hz

Input Power KVA


Input Current A 25
Current Adjustment Range A


Open Circuit Voltage V


Voltage Adjustment Range V 18,50-42
Operating Regimes (40 °C) % 40 350 A
Operating Regimes (40 °C) % 60 300 A
Operating Regimes (40 °C) % 100 250 A
Protection Class   IP23S
Type Of Current A DC
Current Setting A 3x10 Stages
Welding Wire Diameter mm 0,80-1,00-1,20
Wire Draining Speed Field m/dk 2-20
Machines Dimensions mm W:505 x H:910 x D:985
Weight kg 144
Vario: 18
Parametre Unit MIG/MAG 430
Torch m 3
Welding Cable With Electrode Holder m 3
Gas Regulator qty 1
CO2 Heater (Optional) qty 1
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