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Turkey has experienced a significant shift in energy product standards post Council of Ministers' Decision No. 2010/643 on 23/06/2010, emphasizing eco-friendly designs. This led to transformative changes in manufacturing.

The 'Regulation on Environmentally Sound Design Requirements for Source Equipment' in Official Gazette issue number 31434 on 25/03/2021 outlines specific criteria. These cover power supply efficiency, standby consumption, and more for all locally made arc welding machines.

Meet the MIG500W-YV—a prime example. This conventional MIG/MAG gas shielded arc welder, operating efficiently at mains frequency with a transformer, perfectly complies with these eco-friendly design regulations.

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  • Suitable for welding solid or cored wires of thin and medium thickness steel, aluminum, and stainless metals
  • 100% domestically manufactured
  • Full compliance with defined environmentally friendly design criteria for welding equipment (efficiency and standby power consumption)
  • Energy efficiency at full load >= 86%
  • Ability to stop the cooling fan and water circulation motor in standby mode
  • Standby power consumption < 30W
  • Indicators for welding current and voltage
  • 4 coarse and 10 fine selection switches for welding voltage
  • Standby mode light 
  • 2-T or 4-T torch trigger mode
  • Precise speed control thanks to encoder feedback wire feeding motor
  • 24V CO₂ heater
  • Ability to feed wires in long torches without deforming soft wires with a 4-reel wire feeding
  • Wireless gas transmission
  • Gasless wire transmission
  • Soft start adjustment for wire speed
  • Capability to weld with all types of solid and cored welding wires
System Voltage 380 V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz
Input Power 22.4 kVA
Input Current 36 A
Open Circuit Voltage 46 V
Voltage Adjustment Range 16 V - 39 V
Efficiency %86
Idle state power 11.2 W
Duty Cycle (40°C) %30 : 500 A
%60 : 400 A
%100 : 300 A
Protection Class IP21S
Current Setting 4x10 stage
Welding Wire Diameter 0.8 mm, 1 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.6 mm
Wire Feed Speed 2 m/min - 20 m/min
Machine Dimensions 515 mm x 915 mm x 1025 mm
Weight 165.8 kg + 14.7 kg
Warranty 3 years
Torch 3 m
Chassis Cable 3 m
Gas Regulator (Argon) 1 piece
Interconnect Cable 5 m
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