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  • With the advanced pulse system, it provides spatter-free welding without deforming the workpiece. It is fully equipped for aluminum, stainless and steel materials.
  • Thanks to its synergic function, it selects the appropriate welding process by adjusting the output voltage itself, when any of the material thickness, wire speed or current values are selected, using welding programs according to any type of additional wire, wire diameter and shielding gas.
  • The smart fan is activated depending on operating temperature. In this way, average noise level and energy consumption is reduced. The wind tunnel built inside the machine prevents the external dust from reaching the electronic cards.
  • Simple user interfaces, user-friendly and multilingual TFT screen offers the operator easy and accurate usage.
  • With the smart trigger, the programs stored in the memory can be recalled from the torch trigger without touching the screen, and even during welding, programs can be switched.
  • The wire feed system provides a stable arc formation with its powerful encoder motor and 37 mm spool. The 4x4 drive system can be adjusted according to the pressure of any kind of wire. In this way, soft wires can be welded comfortably without any breakage.
  • With the integrated water cooling system, the machine can be used with air or water cooled.
  • Inverter technology saves energy up to 40%.

LN 400W / LN 500W is a gas welding machine with inverter technology that allows MIG / MAG (metal inert gas), MMA (covered electrode) and ARGON (TIG) welding to be done with a single machine. With the constant current / constant voltage (CC / CV) contol modes, power unit provides the capability to weld any kind of electrode diameter and make grooving / cutting operations as well as MIG / MAG with its 8mm carbon electrode.

Parameter Unit LN400W
System Voltage V AC 380 V, 3 Faz, 50/60 Hz
Input Power KVA 18
Input current A 27,3
Current adjustment range A 20-400
Open Circuit Voltage V 85
Voltage adjustmen range V 15-39
Operating Regimes (25 °C) % 30 400 A
Operating Regimes (25 °C) % 100 300 A
Protection class   IP23S
Type of current A DC
Wire feed speed course (min-max) m/min 2-20
Machines dimensions mm W:1000 x H:880 x D:560
Weight kg 78,6
Vario : 16,4
Parameter Unit LN400W
Torch m 3
Welding cable with electrode holder m 3
Gas regulator ad 1
CO2 Heater (Optional) ad 1
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