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Nuriş MA1-45

Next generation hand held laser welding machine

  • Improved optical design
  • Higher efficiency laser source
  • Air cooled
  • Lightweight (38kg), agile, practical and easy to use
  • With the assurance of Nuriş Teknoloji 

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  • Easy to use.
  • Doesn't require any advanced welding skills for a good quality weld seam (unlike TIG welding).
  • Due to low heat transfers, low workpiece deformation can be achieved.
  • It is the most lightweight and portable laser welding machine currently available on the market.
  • Due to low spatter generation, no need for post-grinding or cleaning.
  • Laser welding is faster with respect to arc welding with similar materials.
  • Eco-friendly thanks to low power consumption.
  • By providing superior welding performance especially in thin metals, it increases the speed of production, reduces energy consumption, and strengthens your hand in international competition.
  • Suitable to be used used in aviation, automotive, elevator, signboard, heating-cooling equipment, decoration, furniture, white goods, industrial kitchen equipment, lighting, storage systems and other industries.

Metal type Welding Depth
Stainless steel 4.5 mm
Carbon steel 4.5 mm
Aluminium 4 mm
Galvanized sheet  4.5 mm
Brass 3.5 mm
Copper 1.5 mm
System Voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
Input Power (at %100 Laser power) 4.5 kW
Laser output power 1200 W
Laser wavelength 1080 nm
Wobble amplitude 0 mm - 4 mm
Wobble frequency 200 Hz
Storage temperature -10°C - +60°C
Operational temperature 0°C - 40°C
Dimensions 667 mm x 276 mm x 542 mm
Weight 38 kg
Warranty 2 years
Torch (fixed to laser power source) 5 m
Security loop cable with crocodile clip 5 m
Gas regulator (Nitrogen) 1 piece
Nuriş NSK-L Wire Feeder Unit 1 piece
Laser safety glasses 3 pieces
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