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RCT 650C

  • It is an unrivaled, multi-purpose, thyristor controlled, direct current (DC) welding machine that is custom-built for heavy construction site conditions, ship industry, pipe welding, maintenance-repair and fill welding used in them, assembly works, on-site manufacturing and heavy industry welding works. RCT650 C is widely used in Carbon Cutting (Arc-Air) thanks to its high working efficiency.
  • Designed especially for heavy working conditions.
  • Suitable for use with all kinds of electrodes (rutile-basic-cellulosic). High efficiency carbon cutting and gouging in feature, excellent welding characteristics and high carbon cutting performance.
  • Digital front panel, touch buttons, user-friendly and easy-to-use menu
  • Protection against overheating
  • TIG welding mode LIFT-TIG. Touch-operated soft start time setting in TIG welding.
  • Thanks to its adjustable hot start feature, it provides easy ignition of the electrode, thus preventing sticking to the workpiece.
  • Adjustable arc force feature allows the welding arc to be more stable by preventing the problem of arc cutting and sticking of the electrode to the workpiece during welding.
  • Thanks to digital voltmeter and ammeter gauges monitoring the output current and welding voltage from the front panel,
  • A remote control unit (optional)
  • Powerful, supremely efficient, 100% copper transformer
  • Suitable for working with multiple groups and generators specific to shipyards.
  • Voltage fluctuations tolerance up to 15%. Welding current is not affected by mains fluctuations and long cable connections.
  • The cooling fan protects against overheating thermically.

It is a multi-functional, unrivaled, thyristor controlled, direct current (DC) welding machine used in welding operations in heavy construction site conditions, pipe welding in the shipbuilding industry, maintenance repair and fillet welds used in these, installation works, onsite manufacturing and heavy industry welding works. As the operational efficiency of RCT series machines is considerably high, it is widely used for Carbon Cutting (Arc-Air) works.

Parameter Unit RCT 650C
System Voltage V AC 380 V, 3 Phases, 50/60
Input Power KVA 43
Input Current A 65
Current Adjustment Range A 20-650
Open Circuit Voltage V 80
Operating Regimes (40 °C) %30 650 A
Operating Regimes (40 °C) %60 500 A
Operating Regimes (40 °C) %100 400 A
Protection Class   IP23S
Type Of Current A DC
Current Setting A Thyristor
Welding Wire Diameter mm 2,5-3,25-4,00-5,00
Machines Dimensions mm W:627 x H:775 x D:545
Weight kg 246
Parameter Unit RCT 650C
Kaynak Kablosu Ve Pensesi m 3
Şase Kablosu Ve Pensesi m 2
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