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RV 350

  • Designed for heavy duty conditions.
  • Current display and current control lever.
  • Suitable for use with all Kinds of electrodes (rutile-basic-cellulosic).
  • Operates with 3 Phase 400V-50/60 Hz networks and generators.
  • Suitable for multi-group work for shipyards.
  • Tolerates voltage fluctuations up to 10%.
  • Demonstrates excellent welding Characteristics for Rutile, Basic, Cellulosic and Aluminum electrodes.
  • Enables uninterrupted Work with long welding cables.
  • Easy to move on rough grounds due to its robust mechanical structure.
  • Current adjustment is provided through a mechanical arm current monitoring is enabled through mechanical scales.
  • It is fan cooled protected against overheating.

It is a multi-functional, unrivalled, thyristor controlled, direct current (DC) welding machine used in welding operations in heavy construction site conditions, pipe welding in the ship building industry, maintenance-repair and fillet welds used in these, installation works, onsite manufacturing and heavy industry welding works.

Parameter Unit RV350
System Voltage V AC 380 V, 3 Faz, 50/60 Hz
Input Power KVA 26
Input Current A 39
Current Adjustment Range A 35-350A
Open Circuit Voltage V 72
Operating Regimes (40 °C) % 20 350 A
Operating Regimes (40 °C) % 60 190 A
Protection Class   IP23S
Type Of Current A DC
Current Setting A Manuel
Welding Wire Diameter mm 2,5-3,25-4,00-5,00
Machines Dimensions mm W:540 x H:800 x D:640
Weight kg 115
Parameter Unit RV350
Welding Cable And Electrode Holder mm 5
Welding Cable With Electrode Holder mm 3
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