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  • Adjustable Burn-Back time.
  • Adjustable hot start rate and time.
  • Crater filling function.
  • Language options.
  • Manuel access to tractor advancement and wire feed.
  • LED indicator indicates Tractor welding direction.
  • Laser welding seam tracking.
  • Laser on/off via touch-operated buttons.
  • 9 available welding parameters that can be saved in the memory.
  • Touch-operated buttons welding program saving and recalling through.
  • Welding powder vacuuming system.
  • Dust filter.
  • Tractor travel system designed for shear operations (optional).
  • A special mechanism is mounted to the front and rear side of the Tractor capable of tracking curvilinear welding seams through.
  • Easy-to-use wire spool holder design.
  • Audible and visual warning system.

Nuriş SAW Tractor provides easy-to-use and perfect quality welding automation by merging with SAW series power supply. It is an ideal automatic welding machine that can be used in heavy steel industry, ship building industry, tank and pipeline production and in all industry welding automations requiring weld bonding and filling, through its flexibility.

Parametre Unit SAW TRACTOR
System Voltage V AC 24
Input Current A 9
Operating Regimes (40 °C) % 100 1250 A
Wire Feed Speed Range m/min 20-400
Feed Rate cm/min 10-200
Machines Dimensions mm W:400 x H:825 x D:1130
Weight kg 73
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